Oil Mills


RH Plantation Palm Oil Mill (RHPOM) is located at Lot 65, Bok Land District, Miri Sarawak. It is a conventional mill that starts operating in October 1998. The mill has been upgraded to 80 tons per hour (TPH), with an annual capacity of 360,000 tons of Fresh Fruit Bunch (FFB).

In line with the group's core values, clean technology has been introduced at the anaerobic effluent ponds to harness the methane gas for recycling and electricity generation, therefore reducing the greenhouse gas emissions. In compliance with the environmental standards set by the Department of Environment (DOE), a polishing plant has also been setup to treat the mill effluent before its final discharge into the river.

Further innovations are in progress, with considerations for a Pellet Plant to recycle the empty fruit bunches (EFB) to produce EFB pellets as biomass for steam boilers, or an organic composting plant to recycle the EFB, decanter cakes and effluent sludge to produce organic fertiliser.

Our mill continues to maximise its crop throughput and oil loss recovery while converting its waste into value added products, ensuring our commitment to sustainable and environmental friendly practices.

In addition, the Group's second palm oil mill construction works is currently in progress. The new mill, RSB Bakong Palm Oil Mill (60TPH) is expected to be commission by end of 2016.