MSPO Sustainability Statement

The management to emphasize and review its sustainability policy through implementation of Malaysian Sustainability of Palm Oil (MSPO) by good governance and compliances as its’ principles, criteria and indicators.

The management to make a turn around on the company strategic and to engulf in obtaining best practices of sustainability across the groups.

Through Agricultural Practices Department of Sustainability to review, audit and act as a stearing team to achieve continuous balance in assessment and development

Emphasizing on conservation and improving the natural environment, uplifting socio-economic conditions of employees and communities around the plantations and mills.

MSPO Policies

1. Sustainability Policy.
2. Safety & Health Policy.
3. SOP Policy.
4. Employee Relations Departmant Policy.
5. Environment Policy.
6. Sexual Harrassment Policy.
7. Transparency Policy.
8. HR Policy.
9. Internal Audit Policy.
10. MSPO Certification Audit (Internal) Policy.
11. Finance Policy.
12. Consultation & Communication Policy.
13. Security Operation Department Policy.
14. Training Policy.
15. Business Development Policy.
16. GIS Department and Implementation Policy.
17. Admin Policy.
18. Traceability Policy.
19. Petty Cash Policy.
20. Equal Opportunity Policy.
21. Fixed Asset Policy.
22. Trade Union.
23. Human Right Policy.
24. IT Dept. Policy.
25. Anti Corruption.
26. Incentive Harvester & Loose Fruit Collection.
27. New Technology System.
28. TKI Strategy.
29. Good Social Practices Policy.
30. Ethical Conduct.

MSPO Procedures.

1. Audit Procedure.
2. Training Procedure.
3. Employee Relations & Communication Procedure.
4. Accident & Emergencies Procedure.
5. Environment Procedure.
6. Field Operation Procedure.
7. Legal Register Procedure.
8. Purchasing Procedure.
9. Safety & Health Procedure.
10. MSPO Certification Audit (Internal) Procedure.
11. Land & PR Procedure.
12. Consultation & Communication Procedure.
13. Security Operation Departmant Procedure.
14. Admin Procedure.
15. GIS Department and Implementation Procedure.
16. Tracebility Procedure.
17. Stakeholder Communication Procedure.
18. Petty Cash Procedure.
19. Landfill Procedure.
20. Green House Gas.
21. Inspection And Housekeeping.
22. IT Procedure.
23. Recruitment & Administration Foreign Workers.
24. New Technology.